Speckle Removal System Terms of Use

"Speckle Removal System" is a free web service that has been created in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY.
By using this web service, you DECLARE to accept the following terms and conditions:
a) The authors and the webmaster are not responsible for any infringements of copyright and/or legal constraints concerning the uploaded data, which completely depend upon the user;
b) The authors and the webmaster refuse any liability involving eventual leakage of data caused by faults or thefts which our servers may be victims of; data provided by the users are necessarily stored during the session and could not be completely or partially deleted after the logout; provided data are stored with no aim of data classification, collection or retrieval;
c) The authors and the webmaster do not guarantee the reliability and usage of the output data provided to the users; the user must be aware that the system is completely unsupervised and data consistency is only partially checked; any consequency coming from the usage of output data completely depends upon the user.