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Authors M.BarniF.BartoliniA.De RosaA.Piva
Title Capacity of Full Frame DCT Image Watermarks
Abstract The evaluation of the number of bits that can be hidden within an image through digital watermarking is a crucial topic, which has been addressed only for additive watermarks. The evaluation of watermark capacity is very important because it allows to put a theoretical upper bound on the amount of information that could be hidden into an image by a given watermarking procedure, regardless of the watermark extraction technique. It is the purpose of this work to suggest a methodology for the evaluation of the watermark capacity in a non-additive, non-Gaussian framework, and to discuss the results we obtained by applying it to a set of standard images.
Publication IEEE Transactions on Image Processing
Typology International Journal Papers
Date August 2000
Other info vol. 9, no. 8, pp. 1450-1455, 
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