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Authors A.Piva
Title On the Integration between Digital Watermarking and Cryptography
Abstract Recently the research in the watermarking field has concentrated its attention to the security aspects. In a watermarking application one of the most sensitive steps from the point of view of security, is the watermark extraction process: here, a prover has to prove to a verifier that a given watermark is present into the content. In the design of the system, it has to be considered that the prover is not a trusted party: the prover could try to exploit the knowledge acquired during watermark extraction to remove the embedded code and, consequently, to undermine the security of the watermarking system. To tackle this particular issue, a possible solution consists in using some cryptographic techniques, defined Zero-Knowledge protocols, for building a secure layer on top of the watermarking channel, able to protect the watermarking algorithm against a possible information leakage.
Publication EURASIP NewsLetter
Typology International Journal Papers
Date December 2005
Other info vol. 16, no. 4, pp. 2-14, 
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