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Authors T.BianchiA.Piva
Title Analysis of Non-Aligned Double JPEG Artifacts for the Localization of Image Forgeries
Abstract In this paper, we present a forensic algorithm to discriminate between original and forged regions in JPEG images, under the hypothesis that the tampered image presents a non-aligned double JPEG compression (NA-JPEG). Unlike previous approaches, the proposed algorithm does not need to manually select a suspect region to test the presence or the absence of NA-JPEG artifacts. Based on a new statistical model, the probability for each $8 \times 8$ DCT block to be forged is automatically derived. Experimental results, considering different forensic scenarios, demonstrate the validity of the proposed approach. Source code available: NA-DJPG-WIFS2011.rar.
Publication Proceedings of WIFS 2011
Typology International Conference Papers
Date Nov.-Dec. 2011
Other info Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil
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