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Authors T.BianchiA.De RosaA.Piva
Title Improved DCT Coefficient Analysis for Forgery Localization in JPEG Images
Abstract In this paper, we propose a statistical test to discriminate between original and forged regions in JPEG images, under the hypothesis that the former are doubly compressed while the latter are singly compressed. New probability models for the DCT coefficients of singly and doubly compressed regions are proposed, together with a reliable method for estimating the primary quantization factor in the case of double compression. Based on such models, the probability for each DCT block to be forged is derived. Experimental results demonstrate a better discriminating behavior with respect to previously proposed methods. Source code available: A-DJPG-ICASSP2011.rar.
Publication Proceedings of ICASSP 2011
Typology International Conference Papers
Date May 2011
Other info Prague, Czech Republic
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