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Authors M.BarniF.BartoliniA.Piva
Title Performance Analysis of ST-DM Watermarking in Presence of Nonadditive Attack
Abstract The performance of Spread Transform Dither Modulation ({ST-DM}) watermarking in the presence of two important classes of non additive attacks, such as the gain attack plus noise addition, and the quantization attack are evaluated. The analysis is developed under the assumption that the host features are independent and identically distributed Gaussian random variables, and that a minimum distance criterion is used to decode the hidden information. The theoretical bit error probabilities are derived in closed form, thus permitting to evaluate the impact of the considered attacks on the watermark at a theoretical level. The analysis is validated by means of extensive Monte Carlo simulations. In addition to the validation of the theoretical analysis, Monte Carlo simulations permitted to abandon the hypothesis of normally distributed host features, in favor of more realistic models adopting a Laplacian or a Generalized Gaussian pdf. The general result of our analysis is that the excellent performance of ST-DM are confirmed in all cases with the only noticeable exception of the gain attack.
Publication IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Supplement on Secure Media
Typology International Journal Papers
Date October 2004
Other info vol. 52, no. 10, pp. 2965-2974, 
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