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Authors M.BarniF.BartoliniA.De RosaA.Piva
Title Optimum Decoding and Detection of Multiplicative Watermarks
Abstract This work addresses the problem of optimum decoding and detection of a multibit, multiplicative watermark hosted by Weibull-distributed features, a situation which is classically encountered for image watermarking in the magnitude-of-DFT domain. As such, this work can be seen as an extension of the system described in \cite{wat.Bar01a}, where the same problem is addressed for the case of 1-bit watermarking. The theoretical analysis is validated through Monte Carlo simulations. Though the structure of the optimum decoder / detector is derived in the absence of attacks, some experimental results are also presented giving a measure of the overall robustness of the watermark when attacks are present.
Publication IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing, Special Issue on Signal Processing for Data Hiding in Digital Media & Secure Delivery
Typology International Journal Papers
Date April 2003
Other info vol. 51, no. 4, pp. 1118-1123, 
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