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An architect, a painter, a graphic designer and a researcher, he was born in Rome in 1942.
He teaches painting techniques at the "Accademia di Belle Arti" in Florence and carried out educational and research activities at the School of Architecture in Florence.
Since 1961 he has been very productive from an artistic point of view with many personal and general exhibitions in Italy and abroad. He has been the recipient of many national and international awards and acknowledgements for his artistic and research activities.
      A painter, with a wide figurative production, he studied the techniques of  Tuscany masters of the Renaissance and he has been one of the first Italian artists to face Computer Art introducing it into the artistic education. He is co-author of the "I Manifestazione Mondiale della Computer Art" and designer of the Internet project <www.BOTTEGA2000.IT>. 
He founded the International Seminars "Art, Science, Environment" and the Basic Observatory for Visual Art of the International Institute ECO-CREA. In addition, he is a founding member of CAPIRE (International Committee for the Promotion of Advanced Educational Research). COMAV (Consejo Mundial de Artistas Visuals) also includes him as a member.
    Riccardo Saldarelli has collaborated with the C.N.R. (National Research Council) as well as other Associations and Research and Cultural Institutions.


Title: "Verso il 2000" 
Material: Mixed Media with a digital Intervention 

Title: "Mara" 
Material: 3-tone Lithography retouched manually

Title: "Studio per un mullah" 
Material: Mixed Media on Canvas

Title: "Orientale" 
Material: Mixed Media on Canvas 

Title: "Donna con conchiglia" 
Material:  Mixed Media on Canvas

Title: "Omaggio a Michelangelo" 
Material: Mixed Media on Canvas

Title: "Francine" 
Material: Mixed Media on Canvas

Title: "New Age (Francine 2)" 
Material: Mixed Media on Canvas 

Title: "Omaggio a Michelangelo" 
Material: 3-tone Lithography 
Title: "Figura con copricapo" 
Material: Mixed Media on Canvas