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Pirzio was born in 1920 in Florence, where he still lives and works.
After six years of military service and 18 months spent as prisoner of war in Germany, he restarted his work in 1947.
During the years 1950-60 he took part in national and general exhibitions like Pontedera - La Spezia - Premio Modigliani in Livorno - Rome and so on, winning many awards.
In 1956, together with two other painters, he successfully occupied the Arnolfo Tower in order to protest against the sending of 45 of the Uffizi Gallery Artworks to America.
In 1958 he met Pablo Picasso who presented him with a drawing of the Palazzo delle Esposizioni in Florence.
He is a founding member of the Gruppo Donatello and council member of the Compagnia del Paiolo.
Since 1965 most of his paintings have been named: "Uomini di sempre", meaning "Always Men".
Since 1977 he has been creating stone sculptures.

Title:"Composizione Uomini di sempre" 
Date: 1961 
Material: Oil on Canvas 

Date: 1962 
Material: Oil on Canvas 
Title:"Uomini di sempre" 
Date: 1968 
Material: Olio su faesite

Title:"Composizione con mia scultura" 
Date: 1978 
Material: Oil on Canvas 
Title:"Uomini di sempre" 
Date: 1987 
Material: Oil on "faesite" 
Title:"Uomini di sempre" 
Date 1988 
Material: Stone 
Title:"Uomini di sempre (malizia)" 
Date 1989 
Material: Oil on "faesite" 
Title:"Uomini di sempre" 
Date: 1990 
Material: Oil on "faesite" 
Date 1994 
Material: Black of Belgium
Title:"Uomini di sempre (adrenalina)" 
Date: 1995 
Material: Oil on Wood