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 He was born in 1915 in Florence where he works and lives.
Working as an academic professor in art and drawing, he still has managed to find time to
exhibit and has been doing so since 1942. Bruno Paoli has staged many personal exhibitions in Arezzo, Bologna,
Florence, Lucca and Mailand as well as taking part at important travelling shows, thereby gaining
popularity not only with the public but also with many critics.
In 1973, during a solemn ceremony that took place at Palazzo Vecchio in Florence,
he was given the "Mario Bucci" award, as acknowledgement of his "lonely activity".
His works of art are exhibited in many public and private collections in Italy and abroad.

Title:"Susanna ed i vecchioni" 
Date: 1962 
Material: Wood 

Title:"Olivi della Certosa di Firenze" 
Date: 1971 
Material: Oil on Canvas 
Date: 1974 
Material: Oil on Canvas 

Title:"Al bare" 
Date: 1990 
Material: Oil on Hardpaper 
Title:"Anni '90" 
Date: 1990 
Material: Oil on Canvas 
Title:"Omaggio a Piero della Francesca" 
Date: 1991 
Material: Oil on Canvas 
Title:"Tra teoria e non" 
Date: 1992 
Material: Oil on Canvas 

Title:"Mostra Artigianato (Roberta)" 
Date: 1996 
Material: Oil on Wood 
Date: 1997 
Material: Oil on Canvas 

Date: 1998 
Material: Oil on Canvas