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Marcello FANTONI


Marcello Fantoni was born in Florence and his workshop is on Monterinaldi Hill (Via Bolognese Nuova), where he lives and works. He enjoys worldwide fame particularly as a ceramist, as which he has been working since 1927. From that time on he has also been dedicated to sculpture using traditional medias (bronze, silver, copper, iron and cement). Participation in important ceramics and sculpture exhibitions began for him when he was still a very young man. 
His works of art are exhibited all around the world and in some important museums such as: 
- The Victoria and Albert Museum in London 
- The Museum of Modern Art of Tokyo and Kyoto 
- The International Museum of Ceramic in Faenza 
- The Biennale of  Venice 
- The Art  City Gallery of Manchester 
- The Royal Scottish Museum of Edinburgh 
- The Fedor Stedelyk Museum 
- The Brooklyn Museum 
- The Metropolitan Museum of Art of New York 
- The Museum of Fine Art of Boston 
- The Currier Gallery 
- The Syracuse Museum (USA) 
- The National Museum of Bargello, Florence 
- The Gabinetto Disegni e Stampe, Uffizi Gallery, Florence. 
Creating important works for churches, ships, schools, cinemas, theaters and public and private buildings as well as teaching sculpture at the Accademia delle Belle Arti of Florence were things for which he is very well-known. 

Title: "Deposizione dalla Croce" 
Date: 1942 
Material: Ceramic 

Title:"Ritratti di sposi etruschi" 
Date: 1949 
Material: Glazed Terracotta 

Title:"Prigionieri di guerra" 
Date: 1950-1951 
Material: Ceramic

Title:"Gruppo di vasi 4 pezzi" 
Date: 1955-1958 
Material: Ceramic 

Title:"Sculture astratte" 
Date: 1957-1959 
Material: Ceramic 
Title:"Gruppo di vasi vari" 
Date: 1960 
Material: Ceramic 

Title:"Scultura di ispirazione etrusca" (confini di territori) 
Date: 1960 
Material: Ceramic 

Title:"Grande scultura in ceramica bianca" 
Date: 1974 
Material: Ceramic

Title: "Piccola piastra a rilievo" 
Date: 1997 
Material: Ceramic 

Title:"Piastra Ceramica" 
Date: 1997-1998 
Material: Ceramic